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CFM Athlete Profile Laura Dallon


CFM Athlete Profile Laura Dallon

We love to see progress and changes in our member’s lives, and we want to take a moment to celebrate the changes that Laura Dallon has seen these last 12 months.  Laura started with CFM just over a year ago in our 6 week women’s challenge group after having had 3 kids in 5 years.  She shows up everyday, puts in a lot of work and has seen some pretty impressive results because of that hard work.  We asked Laura to share a little bit of her story and here’s what she had to say-
                        May 2016
Having three babies in five years took a toll on my body! I assumed it would be impossible for me to ever go back to looking like I did before I had kids. Last year I decided to start doing CrossFit with my husband, who had been working out in our garage for years and loved it. Because of his passion for CrossFit I had been exposed enough over the years to see it’s effectiveness, and the positive change it creates in people’s lives. Unfortunately the garage gym environment didn’t really work for me, I couldn’t stay motivated. Before I joined CrossFit Marysville, exercise was something I hated and had to force myself to do. But I genuinely love CrossFitting in the gym and am so happy that it is part of my lifestyle now! I look forward to the workouts and am genuinely disappointed on days I don’t get the chance to come in. I think most CrossFitters feel this way.
                                           MAY 2017          
My biggest challenge has been trying to overcome self-doubt when it came to my own athleticism. I had not lifted weights or done any gymnastic movements before, and never thought of myself as being athletetic or strong. My self confidence has increased a lot in the last year as my body has grown strong and capable. The coaches at CFM are very supportive and attentive, they have helped me begin to overcome self-doubt. It is such an incredible feeling when my body is suddenly able to do things it couldn’t do even the month before!
There is a common misperception that CrossFit is only for people who are already fit, but it really can be done by anyone at any level. The coaches know exactly how to build your strength starting from wherever it is. There are CrossFit athletes of all ages and body types. The environment at CFM is a very friendly and welcoming to everyone.

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