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Changes for Upcoming Workouts


Changes for Upcoming Workouts

You will notice that from now until the end of December, the daily workouts will look slightly different than you’re used to. We are going to follow workouts exclusively to finish off 2016.  We are doing this for a number of reasons. One, is that we want to give you the chance to get the maximum effort on the days where it’s strictly weightlifting or gymnastics, and vice versa if it is just conditioning we want you to be able to go all out.

This set up is going to allow for a longer warmup, more mobility and more focused work. We hope that this will allow you to become more proficient in some skills you may be lacking and allow you to push your limits on workouts that you might otherwise not be able to.

Additionally, the CrossFit games open begins in February. We know that they base a lot of the open workouts off of what they put on the main site,  and most of the open workouts are going to be lightweight, high rep, with less emphasis put on overall strength. So, we ask that you embrace the next month of training, push as hard as you can in each workout no matter what it is, and see how you feel at the end of the year.

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