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CrossFit Marysville Code Of Conduct


CrossFit Marysville Code Of Conduct

CrossFit Marysville Gym Code of Conduct 2017




Our 3 Favorites!


•      HAVE FUN

•      BE NICE


Other Important Rules:


•      SHOW UP ON TIME – Please be respectful of coaches and other athletes by being on time to class.

•      NO TALKING WHILE THE COACH IS GOING OVER WOD/MOVEMENTS – It’s very disruptive to have multiple conversations going on when the coach is trying to instruct the class. Please be present, ready, and willing to learn

•      TAKE CARE OF EQUIPMENT – No dropping empty barbells and barbells with 10# or 15# plates from overhead. Also no dropping kettle bells from overhead.

•      CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF –  Clean up all equipment, sweat, & chalk and return all equipment to where it belongs.

•      COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR COACHES – Please inform your coach BEFORE class if you have any injuries/limitations, in order for them to plan and modify your workout.

•      BRING YOUR POSITIVE ATTITUDE & BE READY TO GIVE YOUR FULL EFFORT – We ALL have challenges, struggles, and chaos outside of the gym. Let’s leave it outside, make each class a positive experience, and come ready to work!

•      PAY IT FORWARD – CFM has built a gym with each member contributing to our amazing and supportive community. We were all new at one point or another. Please be courteous to others – especially our newer athletes! Introduce yourselves and lets remember to cheer each other on. A simple high five, fist bump, or good job goes a long way!


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