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Gym Rules


Gym Rules

As the CFM community grows, it is easy to forget some simple rules that we have always lived by that have helped make CrossFit Marysville the best Affiliate around.  Thank you!

Our 3 Favorites!


  • Always try your very best
  • Have fun & be safe
  • Be nice


Other Important Rules


  • Show up on time – Please be respectful of coaches and other athletes by being on time to class.
  • No talking while the coach is going over the workout – It’s very disruptive to have multiple conversations going on when the coach is trying to instruct the class. Please be present, ready, and willing to learn
  • Take care of equipment – No dropping empty barbells and barbells with 10# or 15# plates from overhead. Also, please don’t drop kettlebells or DB’s from overhead.
  • Clean up all equipment, sweat, & chalk and return all equipment to where it belongs.
  • Make sure you tell your coach before class if you have any injuries or limitations that need to be addressed so they can have time to plan and modify your workout.
  • Show up with a positive attitude and be ready to give full effort – We all have challenges and struggles we face. Let’s leave them outside of the gym and come in ready to work hard.
  • The more you give, the more you shall receive – CFM has built a gym with each member contributing to our amazing and supportive community. We all remember how hard our first time was. Please be courteous to others – especially newer athletes. Introduce yourself to them and lets remember to cheer on other athletes. A simple high five or good job goes a long ways!



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