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Kids Room Policies/Rules


Kids Room Policies/Rules

Here is the CrossFit Marysville kids room policy.  You can view either below or through the attachment.  We expect all parents to understand and adhere to this policy.

CrossFit Kids Room Policy


CrossFit Marysville Kids Room Policy

  1. Kids are to stay in playroom while class is in session.
  2. If your child needs to use the rest room during class time you will need to assisit them.
  3. Parents agree to clean up all food, drink, toys, and/or personal items after each class.
  4. Parents are responsible for their children’s actions incuding verbal and/or physical abuse.
  5. Rough-housing is strictly prohibitied.
  6. If a child becomes too disruptive or harmful to others, CFM and it’s staff may require the child to be removed.


CrossFit Marysville has provided an enclosed area for children while parents are working out. This area is non-supervised or staffed.  Kids are to be left at parent’s own discretion, responsiblity and risk.

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