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Growing up I was always active in sports and other activities.  Since finishing school I hadn’t found anything to satisfy that competitive physical aspect of my life.  It wasn’t until my wife and I joined CFM that I was able to feel like an athlete again.  The always changing workouts introduce new challenges that constantly pull you in.  CrossFit gives everyone the opportunity to set personal goals and achieve success in a variety of physical movement.

Coaching at CFM is a great privilege I don’t take lightly.  I feel it is my job to present accurate and safe instruction as well as create a positive environment where athletes are treated with respect.  One of the best aspects of coaching is sharing in the success of others.  I love coming to the gym, and I try to convey that feeling every time I coach!

Other than coaching I am a Firefighter in Marysville.  I spend most of my time with my wife and my boys.  I enjoy outdoor activities, projects around the house and the Seahawks.